We offer two basic services, a "Bath and Brush" and a "Full Grooming". If you want your dog to have a haircut all over its body (hair taken shorter on body) it is considered a full grooming. If you want your dog to just have his face, feet and sanitary area clipped then you are looking for a bath & brush. We do not do groomings without bathing the dog first, as it is necessary to force air dry the dog to ensure an even cut. For more information about Grooming vs. Bath, click here

Fayetteville Store

2423 N. College Ave
Fayetteville, AR
(479) 249-6108

Fort Smith Store

6802 Rogers Ave #5
Fort Smith, AR
(479) 452-3235

Springdale Store

5320 W. Sunset Ave #173
Springdale, AR
(479) 419-4993