Hi, we are Bill and Jan McQuade, owners of The Whole Pet. 

I was a Captain and a helicopter pilot in the US Army and Jan was trained as a medical technician. We could have spent our lives as a high paid pilot and a medical professional. We chose this life because we loved working with dogs (and nice cats).

We have been involved with them as a profession since 1972. We were the first to introduce Science Diet, Iams, Eukanuba, Pro-Plan, Nutro and Biljac to the Arkansas River Valley. We attended teaching seminars by the experts that developed these foods. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME FOODS OR COMPANIES THEY WERE WHEN WE INTRODUCED THEM YEARS AGO!

They are now owned by: Iams and Eukanuba;— P&G, Purina Pro Plan; — Nestle (yes, the candy company) Nutro; —Mars (yes, the candy company), Science Diet;— Colgate We no longer carry these products in our three stores because they no longer meet our standards for quality ingredients. We not only research every product we carry, we also research every company.

With all the health problems and recalls that have occurred in the pet industry I believe the ethics, morals, beliefs and quality control methods of the manufacturer are as important as the ingredients in the food. Our preference in pet food manufacturers lean heavily towards companies that manufacture their own foods in their own facility and live or die by the quality of the product they manufacture and not by how much money they have to purchase glitzy, emotion-laden advertising on the boob tube.

Fayetteville Store

2423 N. College Ave
Fayetteville, AR
(479) 249-6108

Fort Smith Store

6802 Rogers Ave #5
Fort Smith, AR
(479) 452-3235

Springdale Store

5320 W. Sunset Ave #173
Springdale, AR
(479) 419-4993