Freeze-dried and dehydrated diets are relatively newer to the pet food scene. They offer many of the benefits of a raw, whole food diet while also being more convenient. Great for supplementing a dry food diet. These diets require adding water, which adds overall moisture to content to the diet. What are the pros and cons of feeding canned food?


  • Similar benefits to raw. Whole food, less processed, easy to digest. Very high meat content.
  • Great for traveling. Camping, hiking, overnight hotel stays and more. Can be used interchangeably or in addition to raw as a more convenient alternative.
  • High moisture content. Once reconstituted, offers similar moisture content to that of raw or canned diets.


  • Extra processing can mean extra expense. Convenience comes at a price and freeze dried diets can be more expensive to feed than raw.
  • Must add water. Cannot be fed dry, so it takes a few minutes to reconstitute making it slightly less convenient.

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