Introducing a new limited-ingredient dog food.

The pet food industry is constantly evolving. Food companies change hands and brands come and go. In a shifting landscape such as this, it can be difficult (if not impossible) for the consumer to stay ahead of the game…or even keep up. One of the most important roles we play at the Whole Pet is try to help our customers find food for their dogs and cats that are healthy, palatable and fit into every budget. 

If you’ve been in any of our stores lately, you might have noticed a shift in the brands. Two long-time brands have gone away (one is actually no longer in production) and we’ve brought in an entirely new brand. So let me introduce you to Zignature, the food that doesn’t “play chicken”.

The synopsis is that Zignature is a high meat-content, premium quality dog food for all ages. 

How it’s different: Zignature is a limited ingredient formula that uses no potatoes, grains, chicken, eggs, gluten, tapioca, corn or soy. The choice to exclude these items limits many of the most common allergens. Zignature also uses a variety of more exotic proteins, like kangaroo, to give highly sensitive dogs more kibble options. 

Chicken Free: The overuse of chicken and eggs in pet foods (most commercially available foods have chicken/meal/by-product, chicken fat or eggs) have led to food sensitivities. Every formula of Zignature is crafted without chicken. 

Sourcing: Animal proteins are sourced from the following countries. America - Trout, salmon, catfish, whitefish, turkey and pork. New Zealand - Lamb and venison. Australia - Kangaroo (yes you read that right). France - duck. 

Frequent Buyer Program: Like many of our other foods, Zignature offers a frequent buyer program. For every 12 bags you buy, your 13th bag is free.  

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: You can simply return any unused portion of Zignature along with your product receipt directly to us and you will receive a complete refund or product replacement. 

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