A Quick Q & A with our Fayetteville Staff.

The Players: 

SL - Sarah, Groomer      MK- Mary Kate, Groomer    J - Jordan, Groomer

SL - One year as of November 22.

MK- A year in January :)

J - Since October 3rd and today is October 31st! Almost a full month

SL - I’ve moved over 20 times bc my mom liked to move a lot. I grew up in Huntsville on a small farm, along with being in Bentonville, and Jacksonville,  FL for 2 years.


J - I grew up in Hope, Arkansas.

SL - Mark Wahlberg. Hands down. He is my husband. He’s beautiful & I have always loved him.

MK - Bob Ross - he’s so pleasant, easy going, and kind that I named him dog after him.

J - Demi Lovato because I grew up listening to her music and I love her story and what she stands for.

SL - Bernese Mountain dogs will always be my favorite. They’re so beautiful. I’ve loved the forever. I’ve had a bunch of Great Danes, too. They’re an amazing breed to have. It’s a close call to say I love one more than the other.

MK - Chocolate lab. My first dog was a lab named Boo.

J - Dalmation

SL - Mel’s Hard Luck Diner in Branson is probably my favorite. I love their food. They make the best grilled ham and cheese sandwich! (Don’t let my nana know I said that…)

MK - La Huerta! My boyfriend and I go about once a week.

J - Olive Garden

SL - “Hotel” - The Eagles, “Take a Slice” - Glass Animals, “Grand Optimist” - City & Colour

MK - “Location” - Khalid, “Say My Name” - Destiny’s Child, “Now or Never” - Halsey

J - “Hero” - Nickelback, “Skyscraper” - Demi Lovato, “I Fall Apart” - Post Malone

 SL - I love to do photography. Going walking on trails & taking photos of nature is one of my favorite things. Next to playing frisbee with my Rusty!

MK - Thrift shopping, binge-watching shows. Taking my dogs to the park.

J - My hobbies are playing with my animals at home, listening to music, hanging out with friends, watching movies and playing basketball.

SL - Honestly, American Horror Story. They’re all so different & twisted. I’m all for sick shows.

MK - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

J - That 70’s Show

SL - Anywhere with mountains. Oregon is the place I am in love with. I love the cold, as well, along with the rain. Anywhere cold, rainy & mountainous will have my heart.

MK - Anywhere in France. I took French for 3 years in high school & have never used it.

J - Greece

SL- I have a lab mix who is 6 months old who’s name is Ranger. He is extremely lazy & sleeps ALL the time. I also have a heeler that is around 2 years or so & his name is Rusty. He is everything & more to me!

MK - Ross the Shih Tuz, 10 years old, rehomed to me from a client. Luna the aussie, 8 months. Missy the cat, 2 years.

J - Jackie a Jack Russel/Machester/Wheaten Terrie, 13 years. Saber, Orange tabby cat, 18 months. Perriwinkle, Calico cat, 18 months.

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