A Quick Q & A with our Fort Smith Staff.

The Players: 

KM - Kris M, pack leader      MV - Maggie V, Grrl Friday      TM - Tina M, Lead Groomer      LC - LaNae C, Groomer      RK - Randi K, Retail Clerk      CK - Caylee K, Bather      AC - Autumn C, Bather       

KM -Since the dawn of time - I think before electricity was invented. The dark ages of 2004 - 14 years in March.

MV - 6 years this month!

TM - 10 yrs

LC -  I’ve been at The Whole Pet since March 2015. I arrived when the store relocated.

RK - Little over a year (I think)

CK - Just over a year.

AC - Around 7 months

KM - El Monte, CA. Graduated from Temple City High School. Came to AR for college. WOO PIGS.

MV - Born in Wash state, then mostly Alabama and Oklahoma.

TM - Fort Smith, AR

LC - I was born in Temple, TX and lived in Troy, TX until we moved to Van Buren, AR at the age of 4. Been here ever since.

RK - Here. Fort Smith Arkansas

CK - Fort Smith AR

AC - Fort Smith, AR

KM -Isabella Rossellini (again). She’s fabulously weird and she loves animals. Ginger Rogers, too. I met her a year before she died - I would love the opportunity to talk to her more.  

MV - Well, 1st, we’re going to Sweet Bay because they let me order off menu and they’re local. I would love to have coffee with Jean-Pierre Jeunet. He’s my favorite writer and director and I have at least a million questions for him.

TM - The entire cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000. BC it would be hilarious.

LC - I would have loved to meet Robin Williams. Reason being is I’ve always wanted to know how he coped with his feelings when he hid them so well with his comedy. He was one of my favorite comedians. Rest in peace, man!

RK - Harry Styles because..duh.

CK - Johnny Depp, because that would be really cool.

AC - Tom Hanks. I like his work and he seems like he’d be interesting and easy to talk to.

KM - Briards! I’m not even going to pretend to be diplomatic and say all breeds are my favorite. Briards are my favorite. 

MV - I don’t have a favorite breed, but I do have a soft spot for the ones who are at least a little bit bad.

TM - Hairless Chinese crested.

LC - I couldn’t tell you. There are a few that I adore! I enjoy shar pei, ckc (cavalier king charles spaniel), terriers and chihuahuas.

RK - Growing up surrounded by all sorts of breeds, I don’t think I have one. I love them all!

CK - Chinese cresteds, but I love all breeds.

AC - All breeds are beautiful but there’s something I love about the Borzoi.

KM -The Claim Jumper in California - but they’ve fallen from grace since removing the I D’eclair from the menu. Who does that? Monsters, that’s who. Locally, I’d have to say Shogun. I love teppanyaki and it’s always a great experience. Also Ralph’s Pink Flamingo…and I don’t even really like BBQ but theirs is YUMM.

MV - Miguel’s Taqueria and Green Papaya. Don’t make me choose.

TM - Miss Anna’s

LC - Weinkeller Restaurant at Widerkehr Village in Altus, AR. Best food and wine in Arkansas!

RK - Tough. My dad’s kitchen.

CK - Shogun.

AC - Ed Walker’s.

(For whatever reason, this question in particular caused much whining and tooth-gnashing. I figured it was a gift to give them three but…apparently not.)

KM - “Chasing the Sky” - Empire Cast, “Ice Ice Baby” - Vanilla Ice (shuuuush), “Black Sheep” - Gin Wigmore.

MV - “80s Fan” - Camera Obscura, “Life on Mars” - David Bowie, “Some things last a long time” - Daniel Johnston

TM - “Comfortably Numb” - Pink Floyd, “Go Your Own Way” - Fleetwood Mac, “Forty Six and two” - Tool

LC - “Summarfagel” - Wintergatan (Bassnectar Remix), “Bohemian Rhapsody" - Queen, “Roundabout” - Yes

RK - Sooo many tough questions. “Come On Eileen” (oldie but goodie), “Turning Page” - Sleeping at last (so pretty), “Versace on the floor” - Bruno Mars (it’s a tune okayyy)

CK - “Vultures” - John Mayer, “Gravity” - EDEN, “Drive” - Glades

AC - “Carribean Blue” - Enya, “Victory” - Nomeansno, “Let it happen” - Tame Impala

KM - Reading, crafty things, doodling (now known by the PC term zentangling), brushing my dogs and mainlining stuff on Netflix.

MV - Listening to music, crocheting, and reading. Pretty much in that order.

TM - Gardening

LC - I enjoy being playful with my fur babies (constant fetch), going to music festivals & concerts, and playing video games.

RK - Sing, read (haven’t done in a while), soccer, moviesss, watching The Office, eating.

CK - Art, sleep, listening to music.

AC - Reading, writing and video games.

KM -The X-Files! (Honorable mention to Friday Night Lights & Parks and Recreation)

MV - The Young Ones

TM - The Golden Girls

LC - Married…with children. When you think you’re having a bad day, you know it’s not as bad as Al Bundy’s.


CK - Parks and Recreation

AC - Arrested Development and Scrubs.

KM - Australia. I’m super into Aussie TV right now. It looks like a neat place.

MV - I’m kind of a home body. I think all the cool places should come to me, rather than the other way around. But I would gladly go to Morocco and eat one of everything.

TM - Ireland

LC - Fiji. It looks so tranquil and peaceful. An ideal place to possibly honeymoon at!

RK - Anywhere an everywhere in the United Kingdom

CK - the U.K.

AC - I would love to visit South and East Africa and get to experience the rich array of culture, wildlife and anthopological sites there. 

KM -  Kismet, standard poodle, 9yo (currently pink).  Sephy (Josephine), Briard, 5yo. Disney, Briard, 2yo (one-eyed). Ocho, Briard, 1yo.

MV - Yes I have one Rowdy of unknown parentage who the vet says is around 5 years old. We’ve been together for almost 6 months and I’m crazy about him.

TM - Dog: Sully - Brussels Griffon - 12 yrs, Cat - Cheeba - 18yrs, Cat - Zap Rowsdower AKA Girl KItty AKA Fat Girl AKA LG - 7yrs

LC - I sure do! I have 3! Roscoe - chihuahua terrier mix - appx 7yrs. Doob - terrier mix - appx 6 yrs. Maddie - sharpei/german shepherd mix - 1 yr

RK - Duke, dog, toy poodle, old (15?)

CK - Yes, bearded dragon. He is 4 years old. his name is Jumanji.

AC - I have a corgi mix named Javier, two cats Mila and Jupiter, and a ball python, Rebel. I lov them all very much.

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