An Owner’s Guide to Toxic Canine Flatulence

Can your dog clear the room with his fanny frogs? Does the family point accusingly to one another while your precious baby putt-putts in her blissful sleep?

Are his toxic air bombs tearing your family apart?

Before you run out to equip the family with gas masks, let’s make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your dog gas in check.

A very common cause of heinie hiccups is actually eating too quickly. Labradors (and other large breed dogs) as well as smush-faced dogs (like bulldogs, boxers, pugs…) are especially prone to gulping their food which leads to an excessive intake of air. So the first step is to SLOW DOWN YOUR HOUND! Add hot water to your pup’s food to encourage him to slow down. If that doesn’t work, you might have to invest in a slow feed bowl or a gobble stopper, which is something you can put into your dog’s bowl to slow him down. (Bonus! it works with any bowl!)

Second, make sure you’re reading the ingredient list of your dog food. Lots of commercial pet foods are packed with highly fermentable ingredients that cause a buildup of intestinal gasses. Avoid ingredients like soybeans, corn, and wheat. If you’re still having an issue, try something completely grain free that has limited starches. It’s always a good idea to make sure you’re adding moisture to your dog’s food, with broth, canned diet, or raw diet. Moisture can help your dog digest his food more easily and efficiently. (Dry, crunchy cereal-like food is not a natural diet for a dog…)

Speaking of digestion…

PROBIOTICS. If the flora in your dog’s stomach is healthy and working properly, your dog shouldn’t have an issue with butt bugles. You might need to add probiotics to his diet to give him a boost. This is especially important for super giant dogs, who have inefficient digestive systems on the best of days. Products like Ark Naturals’ Gentle Digest contain prebiotics and probiotics, which help to support the proper balance of healthy bacteria in your pet’s stomach. Lots of things can upset the delicate balance in the gut, including antibiotics and stress, so it’s a good idea to have probiotics and canned pumpkin on-hand for those situations anyway.

If you’ve done all of the above and your dog is still dropping stink bombs to make your eyes water - it might be time to consult your veterinarian to rule out any serious gastrointestinal disorders.

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