Using Frequent Buyer Programs to Maximize your dollar!

As a pet parent of 4 large dogs myself, I have first-hand knowledge of how quickly food and treats (and toys and beds and…) add up. There’s no question in my mind that the “cost” of healthy foods is totally worth it, but that’s not to say I'm opposed to using savings when they come available. To that end, I’m going to spill some “Whole Pet” insider knowledge and give you everything you need to make your dollar travel the furthest when shopping with us. 

First up? In store loyalty program. At check-out, we usually ask the customer for their name. By setting yourself up with Loyalty account with us, we are able to look up your history and let you know if it was beef or chicken you bought last time. If you lose your receipt for a return, we can print a duplicate. But far and away the most compelling reason to join is that every dollar you spend in store is counted and for every $250 you spend, you receive $5 in loyalty credit. 2% may not seem like a lot, but it adds up quickly. You can choose to use your loyalty rewards as soon as they post, or you can save them up and use them all at one time. The choice is yours! There’s no card or paperwork required to sign up and no cost to join.

Next, if you’re buying pet food from us regularly, definitely make sure you’re enrolled in the Frequent Buyer Program! Again, these are free enrollment and you earn a free bag of food after you’ve met the program requirements. Check out the savings:

Frequent Buyer Programs we keep track of for you:

Buy 12, Get 13th Free - Orijen/Acana, Fromm, Primal, Instinct Raw Frozen, Nutrisource
Buy 10, Get 11th Free - Premium Edge (18# & 35# only)

FB Programs that require you to save bar codes:

Nature’s Logic - Buy 12, Get 13th Free
Grandma Lucy’s - Buy 12, Get 13th Free

So I’m gonna do some math for you (I’m a giver that way) and show you how these savings work together. 

That’s a lot of numbers, but in the end what it works out to be is about a 10% savings on food. Not bad considering all you gotta do is buy the food to get the savings. No extra action required!

Besides, EVERYONE loves free food day - the day they finally earn that free bag. It happens quicker than you might imagine, too!

If you feed canned food to your dog or cat, don’t forget that we offer case quantity discounts. 12 like-size cans earns you a 5% discount and you can mix and match across brands and varieties.  Bravo Raw Frozen doesn’t have a frequent buyer program but if you buy the 5lb chubs - 6 chubs is a case and - yup! - earns you a 5% discount. 

Another way to maximize your savings is to make sure you’re signed up for our email newsletter. We send out a sale email once a month that has the savings for the next few weeks. You’ll know right away if your pet’s favorite food or treats are on sale all month. Plus every email newsletter has an exclusive coupon for use on our grooming services. The coupon changes every month. 

We know you want the best for your pets and we want to make those choices as affordable as possible.


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