Kismet the standard poodle visits Brookdale.

It’s not every day that we get phone calls asking us if we know of any pink poodles. Matter of fact, it’s a rare enough occasion that it’s pretty much a show stopper when we *do* get such a call.

So when Summer from Brookdale Retirement Community in Fort Smith called a few weeks ago looking for a pink poodle to attend a 50’s Rockin’ Drive-In Party for the residents, we had to participate. 

Now, I don’t have an actual pink poodle but I *do* have a white standard poodle in his winter coat who has been dyed a few times. 

Kismet is 9 years old and he has been a canine employee at The Whole Pet all his life. As a young dog, Kismet showed in juniors with one of our bathers, Caylee. They were quite the pair! 

I’d let Kismet grow out for the winter so he had lots of coat to come up with a very retro design perfect for a 50’s Rock and Roll party. It took several days of prep work to start his pattern and get him fluffed out before we could color him.

Don’t panic! The colors we used were mild, no ammonia semi-permanent colors. And as a retired juniors show-dog, Kismet is very familiar with being on a grooming table for an extended period. He really enjoys the attention he receives during grooming, too.

In the end, he turned out pretty fabulous and we were all very excited to go visit the residents at Brookdale. 

What an amazing experience! First of all, there were some gorgeous classic cars to see and photograph! We were able to share a root beer float and Kismet was definitely the pinkest poodle in the whole place. :D

But the real joy was meeting the residents and getting to hear their stories about life and their pets. From the one gentleman who took express joy in bemoaning Kismet’s lack of “nuts” (yeah, he wife totally smacked him. Twice.) to the residents in the dementia wing who were so fascinated by all that cotton candy hair! 

We heard many stories about the lives and travels of the residents - some who moved from places like California and New Orleans and folks who have lived in the area their whole lives. The residents at Brookdale are allowed to have their pets with them, and everyone was eager to share stories about their beloved fur-kids. 

Kismet and I made sure to bring some yummies for the dogs and kitties of Brookdale, because one should never attend a party empty-handed. 

Big thanks to Brookdale for calling us with their unusual request - and we were so thrilled and honored to fulfill it. Hopefully we will be back soon!

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