No, really. They’re four-legged, hairy, long-nosed, big brown-eyed dogs.

This isn’t sounding any better, is it?

Meet Ocho - he’s the head of our Customer Service department. He’s been working at The Whole Pet since birth, literally. Ocho owns our General Manager, Kris. He’s a Briard (a French sheepdog) and he works in our Fort Smith location during the week. Ocho has taken over his position from our now-retired head of customer service, Bonaparte. 

Likes: Orijen treats & toys that squeak Dislikes: Being ignored  Best Skill: Shoplifting a Happy Howies 2” beef burger and hiding it in his mouth so nobody finds out.  Eats: Grandma Lucy’s & Fromm

This is Purdy - she’s the head of Research and Development. Purdy, an English Cocker, enjoys testing the toys, foods and treats we consider bringing in and offering our customers. Purdy is part of the McQuade Family.  Jan and Bill McQuade own The Whole Pet and have been in this business for 40 years. Purdy, like all good business owners, splits her time between home and “the office” in Springdale.

Likes: Anything edible  Dislikes: Standing still on the grooming table. Best Skill: Shoplifting, but bringing the evidence to her dad. Eats: Orijen & Primal Freeze-Dried

Sully is a Brussels Griffon and she is the Assistant Grooming Manager in Fort Smith. Her mom, Tina, is our lead groomer. Most days Sully watches Tina groom and offers critiques in exchange for treats. An older lady, Sully only comes into work a few days a week.

Likes: Chewing herself Dislikes: Everyone. Me. You. Everyone. (I’m kidding, kind of.) Best Skill: Howling along to the music playing while the groomers work Eats: Primal Freeze-Dried

Ursula is true to her German Shepherd roots and is our Head of Security. She is loved by Liz, our Grooming Manager in NWA and is kept in line by her little brother, a Miniature Schnauzer named Günther.  Don’t let her appearance fool you; Ursula may look intimidating but she’s a sweetheart. 

Likes: Seafood & swimming  Dislikes: Vacuums & squirrels  Best Skill: Modelling for the camera  Eats: Fromm & Grandma Lucy's & Dave's & Cooked and raw meat and veggies.

Rowdy is the newest addition to The Whole Pet Family, as he was recently adopted by our Girl Friday, Maggie. We’re not entirely sure what job Rowdy will be doing but for now he’s the “official greeter” which, in his mind, means barking. A lot. Sorry about that. Rowdy’s schedule means he’s in Fort Smith Tuesday through Saturday. 

Likes: Food and people. Dislikes: Big Dogs Best Skill: Rowdy is still a noob but he’s getting good at going to his bed and sitting for a treat!  Eats: Grandma Lucy’s & Fromm

Our Employees - Our Pets - Our Customers - Are Family

At the Whole Pet we pride ourselves on our family atmosphere, which includes bringing our fur family members to work. We believe in the products we carry - so much so that we feed the same foods and treats we recommend for your dogs and cats - and we definitely won’t carry something we don’t feel safe giving our pets. 

Animals aren’t just a “part” of our business - they are our raison d’être. We are here for you and your pets - to keep you updated on what’s happening in this industry, answer your questions, and help you make the best decision for your pet and your budget. We take our job seriously - albeit with some humor! - and work very hard to provide the best options to pet parents here in Arkansas. 

Customer experience is one of our top priorities. We have customers who have been with us almost as long as we’ve been open in Fort Smith. We have experienced the joy of meeting a new puppy and the devastating loss of old friends. The trust we’ve been shown is humbling, and we aim to bring the same feeling of friendship and family to our newer stores in Northwest Arkansas.

Keep an eye on this blog as we get our new website up and running - hopefully you’ll find something interesting to read and share!

In the meantime, come by one of our stores and visit with us, pick up some free samples and say “Hey!” to our employees - human and canine alike!

Fayetteville Store

2423 N. College Ave
Fayetteville, AR
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Fort Smith Store

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Springdale Store

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