Your cat needs more water than he’s getting.

Using Frequent Buyer Programs to Maximize your dollar!

It’s not just a show on the Simpson’s.

Just like human food, it’s more expensive and less nutritious.

It's not what you think it is!

The puppy peed again!

On your final day on earth...

An event to benefit the Sebastian County Humane Society

Your pup might not be the problem…

Kismet the standard poodle visits Brookdale.

Just because it’s on tv doesn’t make it true. 

With the exception of completely hairless dogs, *all* dogs shed. 

My experience with raw diets has made me a believer.

One dog’s journey to help local shelters encourages community participation.

The most important ingredient in your pet’s food won't be found on the label.

What exactly are you paying for when you go to the groomer?

No, really. They’re four-legged, hairy, long-nosed, big brown-eyed dogs.

Itchy skin, Itchy Ears, Excessive Shedding – is your dog allergic to his food?

One sick puppy? This could be a contributing factor.

What are the pros and cons of feeding canned food?

Freeze-dried and dehydrated diets are relatively newer to the pet food scene. Here's the skinny...

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